Men should… read these 10 tips for a great stag party

Planning an epic bachelorette party is one of the most important tasks for the groom’s witness. Once you’ve picked a destination and lined up all the activities (there are plenty of bachelorette party planners out there), you might want to think about some games to keep everyone busy throughout the day. From short drinking games in the pub to games that you can play all day, we have it in store for you.

The toy soldier

At the beginning of the bachelorette party, each friend receives a toy soldier. For the duration of the party, the following applies: When the groom shouts “position!”, All men must stand in the same position as their toy soldier. The last to get into position takes a shot.

Shark Attack

Nominate a party member to be the shark spotter. They randomly shout ‘SHARK ATTACK’ and everyone has to fall to the floor. The last one to do it should have a drink and become the next shark spotter.

Find the bride

During the weekend, all friends must try to find a woman with the same name as the bride. Anyone who fails will be fined.

Cards against the groom

A personal twist on everyone’s favorite card game. Create question cards with different scenarios on them and end with a space to be completed to complete the sentence. Gather all friends of the group to give response cards with different phrases, regarding embarrassing stories or situations in which the groom has been wrong. The groom chooses his favorite and must share the story with the group.

No phones

Enforce a rule that no one should be on their phone when the whole group is together. If someone is on their phone, the groom is allowed to take it away from them and send their own written text to a person of their choice.

Movie quotes

Approach a group of girls in a bar and start a conversation, using as many movie quotes as possible without them noticing. The one who can drop them most without getting caught is the winner and can nominate one of the other friends to take a shot.

Boat race

Separate the party into two groups and each person will get a pint of beer. The first person on each team drinks their beer, the second person can only start when the first is ready. This continues until the entire team has finished drinking. Which team finishes first is the winner!

Mr. President

Whenever the witness puts his finger to his ear (you know … listen to his “earmold”), all the friends shout, “Watch out, President!” and they jump on the groom to save him from those annoying hitmen.

Drinking with your left hand

Enforce a rule that all friends should only hold their drink in their left hand. When seen with the right hand, they must relinquish their drink and take a shot.

But most of all… just have fun!