Men should… check out the ultra strong Casio GZE1 Camera

Casio stands out from the competition with GZE-1, an ultra-strong camera with a robust look. With a design directly inspired by Casio’s popular G-SHOCK watch collection, it can withstand the most rugged terrain from snowy buds to wet coral reefs.

The robust exterior, with its extra curves, textures and edges, hides several strong features and functions. The camera is IP6X and IPX8 certified for its excellent water and dust resistance. The GZE-1 is therefore completely undamaged from accidents, even if it falls over four meters.

Winter sports enthusiasts can take great photos and videos even in -10 weather, while divers can take this camera up to 50 meters underwater without any problem.

The Casio GZE-1 has 6.9 megapixels, with a wide-angle lens of 170.4 degrees for Full HD videos, or 190.8 degrees for photos. It connects to Android or iOS via WiFi.