Men should… make the right choice between shavers vs razors – we will help you!

Keeping track of your facial hair can be a difficult task. There are hundreds of different beard styles, grooming tips, and methods that many consider a sanctuary. But one of the most important questions we need to ask ourselves is which tool is the right one. Well, unfortunately the answer to that question is not clear. Every man on the planet has a different face shape, structure, hair type and personal style. To put it simply, every razor won’t work for every man.

However, there are some great ways to narrow the playing field so you can make an informed decision about the razor or razor that will serve you best.

Disposable blades

This is the most common shaving tool: the disposable razor blades. These usually come with 3 to 5 blades per razor and are the best choice for the novice user, or if you’re just looking for a clean, close shave. These razors aren’t made to really fix a style: they remove hair, but they are. Disposable razor blades are very convenient to travel with, but after a number of uses, the blades will become dull, which means you have to replace it.

Electric razors

If you really want to go crazy and style the beard, an electric razor can be a great option. With much more control than a standard shaver, the electric shaver can be used to shave, trim and shape the beard. There are many brilliant options like razors from Braun or Philips that adapt to the thickness and length of your beard and will trim or shave accordingly. There are even waterproof shavers for sale, which means you are no longer limited to dry shaves.

Double Edge Razor

This is considered to be the best option for those with more sensitive and irritable skin. They are known as the safety razor because they are built in a way that provides a softer shave. Similar to using a disposable razor, there is the extra investment of buying creams and foams.

The Straight Razor

The last option is one likely recognized by ’70s movies. The old-fashioned, barber-like razor is one that predates all other competitors. But is it the best choice? If you’re looking for a close shave, this is a great option. This shaver probably gives the shave closest to the skin and is very precise. You will need to sharpen it regularly to maintain and keep it sharp, but it is certainly a good choice.

Beard trimmer

A beard trimmer is a great option for those who don’t need a full shave every day. The product is aptly named because it is ideal for quick grooming sessions to keep the beard looking neat.

Ultimately, the decision has to be whether you want a close shave or a sculpted Viking-like and trimmed beard. Each type of razor has its own pros and cons. Hopefully this will give you a better insight into making that choice.