Men should… see these 7 masculine traits that women find sexy

Women love men with a good personality and a friendly heart, but there are also physical traits that they find damn sexy. The qualities that make men masculine are the qualities that attract women the most. Some men spend years accumulating a fortune to discover that the amount of money they have makes it difficult to find a woman who values ​​them for their character. Of course you can easily go to a sexclub to get your lust taken care of, but flirting with a woman yourself is much more fun! Below are 7 irresistible traits that women find sexy!


Men who take charge of a situation, make decisions and deal with problems make women feel safe. Studies have shown that women are more attracted to men posing in front of fancy apartments and expensive cars because they look lavish. Weak and insecure guys are always in the friend zone, as women may not be physically attracted to them.


Women love men who actually do what they say. Responsibility attracts men to women because it sends a positive signal that you will become a great partner. Even if it’s just by remembering to pick up milk on the way back from work, try to please her. Women want to know that you can be a good father and a good role model for your future children. Tell her about the trainee who accompanies you at work or your cousins ​​to show her that you can be patient and take care of the little ones.

A powerful body

Muscles are an element of masculinity that doesn’t go unnoticed by women. Women are attracted to men with broad shoulders, a narrow waist and abs because they are a sign of strength, a toned, masculine body. Abs is the embodiment of what a man is defined by, and women consider them sexy because they naturally arouse their desire for a man. You don’t have to be a bodybuilder or spend hours at the gym, but many women find a fit look attractive. Exercise, eat healthy and get enough sleep!

Trust and honesty

Being truthful shows a woman that you have the potential to be a good man and a decent partner. You must learn to be honest with yourself and your wife so that she can trust you. Women love men who are open to them about their shortcomings, challenges and struggles, because they feel they can trust you with their darkest secrets too. Trust assures her that you are not going anywhere else.


Humor is top of the list for every woman, so if you can make her laugh, you will definitely score points. A study found that women find a sense of humor in men as a sign of intelligence. A smile on a man’s face shows that he is a nice guy and that he can handle stressful situations in life with ease.


Being passionate about something proves that you care about something beyond yourself. Your goal can be any number of things, including a passion for music, humanity or art. It can be a desire to change the world, build your business or home. Ask yourself what drives you most, so you can discover and connect to your goal. If you are passionate about your career and successful, it will increase your appeal as it shows women you follow with your goals and achievements.


Women find men who are affectionate and tender often sexy. Romance and display of desire for your wife reveal a softer and more vulnerable side of you she finds irresistible. Your willingness to spend time with her and provide a listening ear is what she finds sexiest in you. You should not only be affectionate towards her, but also towards other people. Some things that make women melt for a man include helping the elderly, playing with children, and showing affection for animals. Studies have shown that women are more attracted to men with dogs!