Men should… incorporate afterplay into their sex life, reasearch shows

We all know (if all is well) that foreplay is a hugely important part of good sex. The wonderful moments before sexual intercourse can last from a few minutes to a few hours. But what about the afterplay, or rather: the time after sex?

The intimate time after sex provides a significant boost to your overall sexual satisfaction

Part of sex can also be the most overlooked: the neglected thrill of afterplay. When sensitivity is high and physical intimacy is encouraged, afterplay incorporation can boost your overall satisfaction. Women especially need more than just sex and an orgasm.

Why is afterplay so special?

Two main components: fatigue and lack of understanding. James Halpern and Mark A. Sherman wrote ‘Afterplay: The Key to Intimacy’ in 1979 looking at 264 American men and women. The majority fell asleep within an hour of sex and the rest were dissatisfied with their post-sex experiences. The participants who did enjoy afterplay with their partners agreed that it was directly related to the happiness in their relationship.

“Couples should always practice afterplay. You shouldn’t be saving on that,” said Gigi Engle, writer and sex educator. “I know it might not be the most exciting part of a role-playing or bondage scene, but it’s incredibly important Afterplay is an essential part of any sexual experience, especially when that experience is new, kinky, or in any way outside the comfort zone of one or more people. ”

So … what is afterplay?

It doesn’t always have to be more sex. Afterplay comes in the form of cuddling, taking a bath together, cuddling, kissing or just touching. Yes, more caressing and more sexual intercourse is always an option, but it doesn’t have to be. The moments after sex are moments of vulnerability. Post-coital depression is when a partner feels empty or unhappy after intercourse. Afterplay is important in situations like this, as it reassures the partner through touch and intimacy. A natural aphrodisiac would be best for you and your partner get in the mood for some sensual afterplay!

Why is afterplay important for couples?

Afterplay creates a strong bond between couples. Because men tend to fall asleep quickly after intercourse, their desire to create an emotional connection – and stay alert to their partner – will create a physical and healthy connection.

Gigi Engle says that “Afterplay (or afterplay) can definitely increase a couple’s intimacy, because it allows both partners to reconnect after what can often be an emotional (but fun!) Sexual adventure.”

A 2014 study found that couples who participate in post-coital affection report “greater sexual satisfaction.” “Trying new erotic things requires trust, and building and maintaining that trust is critical. Afterplay allows you to distance yourself from whatever fantasy or games you play to remind your partner that you are there for them,” says Engle.